The Mechanic

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Our onion site is always located at w6jrggd3ippq3uxb.onion 

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NOTICE - We now accept Monero as a payment option as well as Bitcoin

Do you have a problem that needs to be "fixed"?

Is there a person out there you want to have "fixed"?

If so we can help you

The Mechanic has over 10 years experience in ensuring that troublesome people are no longer an issue

What makes us different from other similar services?

- No age restrictions - we provide service to people from newborns to the elderly

- No choice in methodology - Unlike other services that provide "extended suffering" and other such options. When you hire us you have no choice in what methods are used. We will decide the best method that will maximize the likelihood of a successful hit and escape from law enforcement

- We are not cheap - If you are looking to have this service done on the cheap. Don't bother contacting us. The final price will vary depending on various factors

- We are not quick - Many other services state that they provide a extremely fast turnaround on their contracts. We take the time to figure out the best way to perform the operation and will perform the hit in a precise and clean manner. We are not thugs with guns who fire aimlessly and hope we hit the target.

- Willing to travel worldwide - Of course the cost of airfares and accommodation will be factored in to the price. As well as the price of acquiring new "tools" at the destination. Don't worry we are willing to fly economy and stay at budget hotels

Proof of work

Unlike other sites we are willing to provide a photograph from a previous job to show that we mean business

Click on the link below to see the image

NOTE: The image has been deliberately blurred and modified in order to prevent identification by the authorities

Click here to see the photo

What i need from you

- The name and home address of the victim

- A photograph of the victim - Social media profiles are the preferred source of victim photographs. You can also send a photograph to us anonymously though a Image Hosting service on TOR. or if you don't have the opportunity to obtain a photograph you can also provide a detailed description of their appearance.

- Any further details about the victim (e.g. place of work, details of their car, Social Media Accounts etc.) The more details you provide the less legwork i have to do in order to find out their daily routine (which lowers the amount of time i charge you for) as well as reducing the chance of mistaken identity.

How we handle your information (Operational Security)

We take Operational Security very seriously. As failure to do so would have drastically increase the chances of us getting caught
Some of the steps we take to keep our operation secure are

- We only use the Tails Live CD Operating System to access the TOR Network
- We use dedicated laptops to access the TOR network which do not have any hard drives installed
- We only access TOR from Public Wi-Fi hotspots which we have determined do not have any CCTV Coverage
- Our PGP Private key is stored on a encrypted USB flash drive that is stored in a different physical location from where we are based when not in use.
- PGP keys are re-issued every 60 days. Old keys are set to expire please check that you have the latest key.
- We only store the minimum information required about the a target. The information that we need to keep is stored offline using the hidden in plain sight principal. i.e  A ordinary business card that the last 2 digits of the phone number relate to the street address of the target. Then the street name is then hidden in another object and so on.
- Password's to our email account, hosting provider and any other passwords are not written down anywhere. They continue to remain a product of the mind.


All payments are to be made in Bitcoin or Monero. We reserve the right to ask you to pay in a specific cryptocurrency. Please check with us before purchasing either Monero or Bitcoin.

You will be expected to make a upfront payment before any work is undertaken to cover initial costs.

These upfront costs may include but are not limited to Travel, falsified documents, accommodation, tools, fixers fees and bribes.

We do not use the half now, half later approach that is used by some other service providers.

Payments are made over time using a series of retainers.

Specific details about payments will be provided after you contact us

Contact us

If you want to contact us about a potential contract please read below

Due to our previous e-mail provider SIGAINT being shut down under suspicious circumstances. We have now created a new mail account with TorBox.
Please send all emails to our new email address themechanicidom@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion
To ensure security in maintained. We have erased all of our private PGP keys associated with our SIGAINT email address. Our new PGP Key is listed below.

Please read this before contacting us

- We only access TOR from Public Wi-Fi hotspots which we have determined have no CCTV Coverage as a result of this we cannot immediately respond to new emails. Please be patient we will respond to you as soon as we can.
- Sometimes we may not be able to begin work on your contract. Until we have finished fulfilling our other client's contracts first. We will advise you if this is the case. We work on a first come first served basis.
- Messages not encrypted using the PGP key below will be ignored
- Messages sent from clear-web domains will be ignored.
- Please insert your PGP Public key in the email so we can encrypt our response back to you

Our email address themechanicidom@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion
Our email address is the words "The Mechanic" followed by the first four letters of our onion address

Our PGP Key is